Educational Institutions is one place where the future of a country could be at stake due to poor quality air and surfaces with germs all around. Specially, the younger students in schools are more prone to getting sick due to infectious diseases like flu, pneumonia and coronavirous. Various studies have shown that breathing polluted air made dangerous with germs in air and on surfacecan impair memory and reasoning, reduce academic performance and even lower intelligence along with the physical illness. Also the child IQ and grades will heavily depend on his physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Illness, due to germs, over a period of time, affects the overall well being of the child and infections spreading out could endanger the entire student community of the educational institute and ultimately the whole humanity.

Hence, regular planned ultraviolet doses are essential for the well being of our children who need to be protected for the future of mankind on earth.

"To know risks that our children face everyday when on the move."

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