Mobile UV disinfection units

If you’re responsible for maintaining a business or commercial building, this can be a very uncertain time. COVID-19 has changed the way all of us operate. Your building may either be closed, reopening, or overrun with people. Regardless, there is one thing that’s top of mind: the health of everyone who uses your building.

Germicidal ultraviolet (UV) products can kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

These disinfecting products are not just for hospitals. Any commercial building or mode of transportation like airplanes, trains, subways, and buses can benefit from germicidal UV.

There are multiple ways you can use the disinfecting power of UV. One of those options is a mobile UV unit. Before you get started with any new system, we recommend you consider the following factors:

Disinfection time – How quickly do you need the product to work? If you’re thinking of using a mobile disinfection in a hospital, you may have less cleaning time available than if you’re using it in a hotel.
Labor – Do you have the staff available to move UV disinfection products to different areas or rooms? Even if they are robotic, mobile UV disinfection units require someone to operate them.
Space – How big is the space you need to disinfect? Do you need more than

one disinfecting unit to operate efficiently? How much area do UV products cover? Your space will determine the best option for you.
Keep reading for the pros and cons of mobile UV disinfection units, the best places to use them, and products available for you.

It’s important to note these products contain germicidal UV, which can be harmful to humans. If used incorrectly, UV-C radiation can penetrate the skin and eyes. The Illuminating Engineering Society recently released a report with safety guidelines that should be followed along with manufacturer guidelines.

Pros of mobile UV disinfection units

  1. Mobility – The biggest perk of mobile UV disinfection is the fact that you can move them to the threat, or the area you want to disinfect. All you have to do is plug the unit in one room, allow it to run its cycle, then unplug and move it to another area. If you have multiple rooms to disinfect at different times of the day, moving the UV disinfection unit between spaces is easy.
  2. Operate on any schedule – Instead of using ceiling or wall mounted UV disinfecting products that operate on a schedule, mobile UV units can be used when it’s convenient for you. This is especially beneficial in areas that are used frequently, like hospital rooms, hotel rooms, or airplanes. When you know the room is empty, you can run the germicidal UV unit.
  3. Adjustable equipment – There are several different variations of mobile UV disinfection units. Some are robotic, some are pushcarts, and some are built on stands like the products mentioned below. Most involve adjustable equipment to make sure you are hitting the areas you want to hit with germicidal UV light. That leaves little room for hiding spots for germs.
  4. Easy to use – With proper training, it’s easy to operate mobile UV units. Most also come with occupancy sensors that will shut off if motion is detected.

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