Why you can no longer rely on manual cleaning alone?

For a very long time, traditional, manual or mechanical scrubbing using chemicals or  soap and water has been the definition of the word “cleaning”.

However, as we all realise, that “Cleaning” has now become synonymous with the word “Disinfection. But multiple studies have shown that the manual disinfection of high touch surfaces and indoor air is not more than 50% effective at most places with germs being detectable even after the indoor areas are traditionally cleaned.

Viable pathogens can survive for weeks to months in the environment and have been found on regular use equipment including handrails door handles, taps, light switches, refrigerator doors handles, laptops and mobile phones.

"11 Public Places Where Most Germs reside around us

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This “WHO” STUDY OF COVID-19 discloses new facts on COVID19

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We are all aware of the ever increasing threats to our life from the unseen enemy – germs like bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Many infections and diseases can stem from the germs  including  Swine flu, pneumonia, corona, food poisoning, meningitis, skin infections, anthrax meningitis and other diseases. Besides the known diseases, certain germs are evolving and causing new diseases for which the mankind has no answers. So to avoid getting caught in a war with germs, it is better to avoid them and maintain hygiene using environmental friendly solutions.

“UVCLEAN” offers you the UV based cleaning solutions in the new World.

UV disinfection or UVGI (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) is the right technology using residue-free and most environmental friendly (chemical free) method of killing or rendering harmless all micro-organisms (including bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa) in our environment.

UV disinfection works by utilising short wavelength ultraviolet light (billionth of a metre) by UV lamps in specially-designed systems for specific disinfection applications.

This high energy, short wavelength light quickly and effectively penetrates the surface membrane around microbes and is absorbed by their RNA and DNA. This destroys nucleic acid in these cellular entities and prevents them from performing vital cellular functions, rendering them unable to replicate and harmless.


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